Chillin' at the Colfax Marathon

Today, to me at least, is a perfect day in Denver. It's a wonderfully warm ninety degrees, the sun is shining, and the few clouds floating in the soft blue of the sky are so flawless they look like Van Gogh dipped his brush in the snow capping the mountains and used it to paint them there. I can't imagine better weather.  

It was much cooler on the morning of the 19th though. While that may have put a damper on lounging poolside with a fruity drink and the sky was more slate than robin's egg, it didn't deter many of the Overture staff from running in various races at the Colfax Marathon and manning our booth near the finish line, complete with prize wheel and raffle.

"My favorite part of Colfax was hanging with our team in the moments before the race started- everyone was so energetic and cheerful despite the cold, rainy morning. Made my day!" said Director of Marketing and Development, Crystal Porter.  

 LaurAnarelli, Director of HR, also had a rewarding day and shared this: "From my personal experience running the 10-miler, it was really cool and inspirational to join the full marathoners at mile 16 and finish with them. It was also really humbling to see how much I was struggling on what was mile 6 for me but mile 22 for them. I definitely felt like I was cheating in some way because I didn’t have to run all 26 miles but even then there were still plenty of marathoners passing me. Kudos to them!" 

The Colfax Marathon is one of the largest charity partner programs in the nation. More than 200 organizations participated, raising both funds and awareness, and it makes me so proud to know that Overture was represented for the fourth year in a row. If you're feeling like you've missed out, don't worry! We'll be taking part again next year. So, save the date and we'll see you in 2019 (rain or shine)!