Employee Spotlight: Jennifer


This month, the employee spotlight is shining on one of our newest members, Director of Community Services Jennifer Biggs. Let's all get to know her better and make her feel welcome here at Overture!


Q: Where are you from? What area of Colorado are you in now?

A: Born and raised in Colorado Springs – 3rd generation native to C/S – 4th generation native to Colorado. I’ve lived in Denver/Aurora area for the last 17 years.


Q: What is your color, based on the Colors training? 

A: Mostly Blue – which means I’m sensitive – and explains why I studied communications in school and have worked in human services most of my life.


Q: Tell us about yourself in a nutshell.

A: I’m very family oriented and have a close relationship with my parents and three siblings. I’m a little bit of a “cat lady” – but I only have one cat – so there’s a long way to go before anyone should be concerned... 😉 I love dogs too, and will give them the best scratches they’ve ever had. I enjoy reading and doing the odd craft here and there. Everything is more fun with friends. Baseball is one of the great joys of Spring and Summer, and of course, I always root for the Rockies. I love to see people grow and succeed and I love that in this field I get to see and be a part of that for people almost every day!


Q: What is your role at Overture and how would you describe what you do?

A: I am the Director of Community Services (formerly Non-Residential Services). I work with the day programs to create quality, fulfilling, fun activities and programs that the people we serve will look forward to doing and building connections when they are with us. I also get to build our employment services so that we can help more people realize their potential through community integrated employment. This is the part of my job I’m most excited about! (I can talk about this for days – if you want to get me started, just ask… but you might have to ask me to stop too.)


Q: When not at work, how do you like to spend your time?

A: I enjoy going site-seeing and learning about history through visiting those places (the Truman Presidential Library in Independence, Missouri is a recent favorite.) If it’s baseball season, I love going to a Rockies game. Reading a dark and twisty book is always a pleasant way to spend time. And of course, doing whatever, with my friends and/or family – it’s more about the company than what we’re doing.


Q: If you were a superhero, what would your powers be?

A: To read minds. I would get to know why people do the things they do and know what they’re really thinking! I would want an on/off switch though – there are some things I just don’t need to know