Colfax Marathon

For over a decade, Denver has set itself apart as an athletic hub for marathoners all over the country through the Colfax Marathon, with this year’s event attracting more than 17,000 athletes. Overture proudly joined Kaiser Permanente as a first-time charity partner for the 10th annual Colfax Marathon in 2015, not only because of their fantastic relationships with over 150 nonprofits in the area, but also because of their support for participating athletes with disabilities.

We intend to continue this partnership as part of our commitment to healthy life choices and in support of our local community. This year, we are running for the 4th year in a row! Visit the Colfax Marathon site for more information, and if you are looking for a charity partner, look for Overture on the list. Email us for more information on how to join us in 2018.