Outdoor Recreation: Dream Adaptive Helps The Disabled Just Do It

DREAM Adaptive LogoDREAM Adaptive is a nonprofit organization with the motto: “Building confidence and encouraging independence, one activity at a time.” The organization was founded by a group of people who wanted to make awesome outdoor activities more accessible for people with disabilities to experience. These dedicated individuals, including Larry McMillian, Dottie Maitland, Jane Lopp, and Larry Dominick, decided that disabled people should have the ability to enjoy the fun times that are available to have in nature, like traveling along hiking trails, skiing down a snowy mountainside, and tubing behind a boat through the waves of scenic lakes.

DREAM is an acronym signifying Disabled Recreation Environmental Access Movement. Early projects accomplished by the DREAM Adaptive team were making trails wheelchair accessible and hosting demonstrations at events that focused on the lifestyles of people with physical disabilities. DREAM also got adaptive ski equipment and established a ski learning program for people with disabilities. That program is in place at some ski resorts in the mountains of Colorado and Montana (check out this cool GoPro-shot video of DREAM athletes skiing in Montana). In 2009 DREAM expanded to operate summer and winter program offerings for people with disabilities completely free of charge. In this way, DREAM Adaptive enhances the quality of life for disabled people by giving them opportunities to participate in active outdoor recreational events.

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Photo credit: DREAM Adaptive Recreation