Day Services

Overture’s day programs are focused on developing useful skills and nurturing long-term relationships through volunteering, recreation, and pursuing personal passions. We have day program offerings out of Arvada, Colorado Springs, Longmont, Windsor, and Pueblo, serving their surrounding areas throughout Colorado. Our numbers continue to grow steadily due to an increasing demand for individualized day services built on organic community experiences and self-driven opportunities. The people we serve cultivate friendships while learning how to access public resources such as museums, RTD, libraries, and government buildings.

Our day programs work out of base sites in unique spaces which allow our participants to come together in groups or take their own space as needed– always with the support of our observant and responsive staff. Each day program flourishes with every new attendee, as their individual hopes and dreams impact the unique services and events that staff incorporate into scheduled activities. We seek fresh experiences for the people we serve and foster local business relationships so that we can offer daily options that embrace individuality, encourage independence, and build confidence.

We are able to work with a variety of waiver and funding options. Contact us to learn more about what we can offer you!